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You have reduced the electric energy consumption in your facility, found the cheapest possible power supplier, applied all possible wastage prevention measures and finally think that no further financial savings can be found?

Well, there's some good news coming your way.

Earlier, our current customers thought so, too. And now they are able to cut their power costs by some extra 11-19%* with our sophisticated Powering Optimization Device

                                                                                                       *Depending on type of facility and powered electric aplliances

We are not talking about perpetuum mobile here.

We respect physical laws. And make the best of them, for your benefit


Apart from other arrangements, the device continuously filters idle 

high-frequency interferences as well as voltage & current surges throughout your installations

                                                                           And reduces phasic disproportions while optimalizing transmissive heat losses

All this with high efficacy and minimum own consumption of used technology. 

In this dwells the esential difference of our solution compared to competition's attempts to cope with such issues and due to these features 

also an ideal price-output ratio is reached*

                                                        *Also, thanks to the operation harmonization the Device spares your appliances and prolongs the serviceable life thereof,

The Device is able to detect and regulate inner levels within your electric network (3 times per second), filtring input voltage (with accuracy of 1 V), providing real-time voltage/amperage stabilization, protecting your infrastructure from overloads a phasic blackouts, reporting critical powerage incidents to "bypass" dangerous moments.

                             The highest savings are reached in industrial sites equipped with pumps, compressors, asynchronous electro-engines, and non-LED lighting

We are optimalizers. Each instalment is to be designed individually based upon your parameters and inharmonious consumption patterns as found during measurements performed.

At your site. Instantly. Free of charge

                               You will obtain as well the analysis of lossess, saving estimation and calculation of prices  & recovery of investments

Every Device is by a certified and trained specialist.  

Operatively and readily

The Device wil be wired directly at the main power supply point or switch room of the respective venue or building.

No substantial arrangements necessary

And what about price? Well, who cares for the price? Especially in this case, when the Device pays for itself by savings. Return rate is 1 to 4 years*                                                                                                                                                                                         *Depending on current power losses and electric appliances loading

The electricity consumption and financial resources can be spared with Regulator worth EUR 1.500  

as well as Optimalizer for EUR 15.000. Our solution is scalable. 

Very significant savings are realised at production sites, animal husbandry farms, stadiums and public street lighting

No, you surely do not have to order a whole harmonization set of EUR 30.000 at once*                                                                                                                              *But you of course can, on hire purchase, too

You may choose to go step by step, switch room after switch room, street by street...                                                 

We will of course deliver details and credetntials upon your request

Please do contact us on below stated contact numbers or via e-mail to demand for your individual loss&savings measurements*                                                                                                                                                                              *For customers seriously decided to spare power through Optimization

We guarantee your future savings contractually

We are pretty sure about the performance and efficacy of our Device. When the fittings happen to spare less than agreed, you can return it without limitation.


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